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Repository of jurisprudence

The digital repository of jurisprudence is a CEDyR sevice for those interested in accessing judicial records involving religious freedom. This way, they can be in contact with the "living law", that is, the ways in which judges resolve conflicts involving the right to religious liberty and freedom of conscience.


Our proposal is to share the sentence's full texts of the most important courts at national and supranational level. The sentences are organized according to religious affiliations or beliefs of the parties involved. This approach is intended to facilitate access to people who, because of their common believes, also mainly share the entailing problems.


At this first stage, the repository contains judicial records related to Seventh-day Adventists. As far as possible, in the future it will be extended gradually to encompass other religions. Should you want to share documents with us in order to be included in the collection, please conctact us at


The digital repository of jurisprudence is a part of the general repository of River Plate Adventist University. Online access here.

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